Weird News

Meat Off the Menu on Mondays in Berkeley
Former Sesame Street Writer Hints That Bert & Ernie Are Gay
Oregon Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Filed By Horse Against Former Owner
Man Puts Toddler Inside Game Machine So She Could Steal Prizes
Study: People Who Put Up Christmas Decorations Early, Happier,...
New Mexico Solar Observatory to Reopen This Week Following...
Buffalo Bills' Vontae Davis Retired At Halftime
Massive Swarm of Moths Take Up Residence in Small Town in France
Man Dies After Suspected Shark Attack on Cape Cod
TV Reporter Interrupts Livestream To Rescue Injured Dog in NC...
Doctors Perplexed Over Why 8-Month-Old Weighs 38 Pounds
Couple On Google Street View Caught In A Very Awkward Position


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