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Is This Florida Man's Cut the Perfect Way to Cut a Sandwich?

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich With Apple

Photo: Rick Gayle Studio / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Do you cut sandwiches down the middle, or diagonal? I, personally, thought it was always based on preference, but what if BOTH of those options are wrong?

A guy in Florida named Ryan Duff posted a photo the other day of a grilled cheese sandwich, and said he "perfected" it by trying a different cut he came up with.

It's Y-shaped, so you end up with three sandwich pieces instead of two.

He claims it "provides the correct ratio" of crust in every bite and says it's a hill he's willing to die on.

Now other people are trying it and posting photos. The site Foodbeast even got in on it yesterday.

Fans are calling it the "Duff cut."

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