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A Bird Valued at $500 is Missing from The Palm Beach Zoo

Two rainbow lorikeets (Psittacus sp.)

Photo: John Giustina / The Image Bank / Getty Images

The West Palm Beach Police Department said they are investigating the case of a missing parrot.

More specifically, a missing 8-year-old lorikeet, named Catherine is valued at $500.

Employees at the Palm Beach Zoo said they perform a bird count daily at the facility and that the missing bird was inside the aviary on April 23 but was missing a day later.

Workers checked to ensure no holes in the aviary but did not find any, leading staff to believe Catherine was stolen.

Zoo officials say the lorikeet has a tag on it, which can be removed, unfortunately.

Investigators are currently working the case as a third-degree felony larceny.

Police spokesman Mike Jachles said, "Right now we have a bird napper that we're looking for. They should do the right thing and return it."

According to the zoo, lorikeets are native to Australia and have an unusual diet composed of pollen, nectar, and a variety of fruit.

"We are hopeful for the safe return of Catherine to the flock," the zoo said.

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