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Is Your Partner Cheating? The Settings on Your Home Wi-Fi Might Tell You

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A TikToker is sharing a tech trick that could potentially spy on a partner’s internet usage and online interests.

Abby Paige started the conversation with a short video captioned “When their phone is always hidden but they’re connected to your WiFi.”

In a follow-up clip, Paige claimed that her Xfinity WiFi service can reveal the truth about what other users are up to as long as they're on the same network.

According to the company, Abby stumbled up on the “Manage People” feature of the Xfinity Wi-Fi app.

That's where individual profiles can be made for each user and track their habits, which is done through an “active time” feature that keeps tabs on when and for how long certain users were active, up to a week prior.

The app will also show a person’s most used social programs, like Instagram or X.

While the feature may show other red flags like frequent late-night usage, there is no actual way to track a person’s history through a router or modem.

An Xfinity worker confirmed, “The only way to see your complete browsing history would be through the ‘History’ or ‘Security’ settings tab on the individual [internet] browsers used."

And, anyone with administrator-level capabilities can change settings in the Xfinity app to restrict users to specific times of the day or night, a setting that is typically used for minors.

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