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Top Valentine's Day Date Activity in Every State: Ice Skating, Axe-Throwing

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Photo: Anna Blazhuk / Moment / Getty Images

Google Trends released a list of the "uniquely popular" Valentine's Day date activities by state, and there's a little bit of everything. If you're in Florida, you may be very surprised to find out the top activity.

Apparently, middle America is really into movies. North Dakota specified "outdoor movies."

Most states, especially out West, prefer something more active like a pottery class (California and Arkansas), mini-golf (Arizona, Nevada), indoor mini-golf (Pennsylvania), bowling (Michigan and Oklahoma), go-karts (Washington, Montana), and roller skating (Iowa).

Ice skating is the top date activity in Florida, which is surprising, while meanwhile in Lousinaa and Massachusettes, they would prefer to attend a cooking class.

Other top activities include an escape room (New Jersey), going to an aquarium (Hawaii), going to a botanical garden (Georgia), visiting an arcade (Illinois) and going axe-throwing (Idaho and Oregon).

People in Texas are more interested in going out for coffee, while couples in Colorado are grabbing some pizza. New Yorkers are going to the spa, West Virginians like comedy shows and people in Vermont are looking into the possibility of a "boat dinner."

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