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The Strangest Items Left Behind In Hotel Rooms

Hotel room

Photo: Nirian / iStock / Getty Images

How do you leave your teeth in a hotel room? Or your glass eye? Those seem like items you’d immediately notice if you didn’t have them in!

Yet, they were among the strangest items left behind in hotels, according to a new survey of 100 hotels by EasyJet Holidays, a travel company.

Common things like a phone charger or a stuffed animal cam sometimes be overlooked when we’re packing, then found by the housekeeping staff after we check out, but sometimes people forget really unexpected things.

These are the top 10 weirdest items found in hotel rooms last year:

  1. Dentures
  2. Witchcraft paraphernalia
  3. Prosthetic limbs
  4. Glass eye
  5. Grandma’s ‘lucky’ tea cup
  6. Thousands of German Marks
  7. Clown costume
  8. Inflatable boat
  9. Caviar
  10. Rosary beads

Read more from EasyJet Holidays HERE.

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