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America's Least Favorite Christmas Candy

Decisions, decisions

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CandyStore.com has just come out with their annual list of the 10 worst Christmas candies. The bulk candy retailer has their customers vote on their least favorite seasonal treats and this year, they got 7-thousand responses!

Topping the list as the most hated Christmas candy is Reindeer Corn, a red, green and white version of candy corn. For the last couple of years, it’s been either number one or number two behind Christmas Nougat, which comes in second this year.

The nougat looks and feels like minty saltwater taffy and it continues to be one of the least favorites. Yuck!

The Worst Christmas Candies of 2023:

1) Reindeer Corn (fine by me... y'all don't like it so there's more for me!)

2) Christmas Nougat (yes, this stuff is gross.)

3) Cherry Cordials (used to like these when I was a kid, too sweet now!)

4) Candy Canes (Non-Peppermint) (just depends on the flavor.)

5) Peeps (c'mon! I love these!)

6) Ribbon Candy (gets caught in my teeth. I'll pass.)

7) Old-Fashioned Hard Candies (does remind me of the old days.)

8) Life Savers Story Books (do what?)

9) Chocolate Oranges (never tried 'em... won't try 'em!)

10) Peppermint Bark (LOVE THIS STUFF!!)

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