A Dog Who Jumped From Car In South Carolina Is Found Safe In Miami

A lost dog flyer posted on a wooden fence

A missing dog managed to make a trip across state lines, surprising everyone when she was found safe weeks later. On July 15th, Tim Whitfield shared in a Facebook post that Belle, his 90-year-old mom’s little pooch, jumped out of a car window on a highway near Charleston, South Carolina and hadn’t been seen since. He offered a $2-thousand reward for her return.

Things weren’t looking good, but after 11 days, that all changed. In what Tim calls a “miracle,” Belle was found … all the way down in Miami, Florida! It seems someone found Belle in traffic in Charleston and rescued her so she wouldn’t get hit and kept the dog with them as they traveled down to Miami. When they saw the social media posts, they reached out to the family with the good news.

In a Facebook update about Belle being found, Tim writes, "A great reminder that when all seems lost, hope must be the constant thought.”

Source: People

Photo: Getty Images