Hacks To A Better Pizza Reheated In A Microwave

Domino's Pizza Getty Images

It doesn’t matter if you prefer your pizza thick and dough or thin and crispy, most people agree that a soggy, microwaved slice is no good. But how else are you supposed to reheat leftover pizza in a hurry? Domino’s Australia has a tip. In a post on their blog, they recommend putting it in the microwave with a half cup of water to make a crispier crust much quicker than it takes to warm it in the oven.

The hack has been floating around on the Internet, but when the pizza pros at Dominos suggest it, it’s worth a listen. If you’re not into just eating cold pizza straight from the fridge, they also offer a few other tips to try:

  • Reheating your leftover pizza in an airfryer
  • Putting two slices together, toppings facing inward, and putting them in a waffle maker to get a crunchy crust and melty cheese and toppings inside.
  • Turning your toppings into an omelette by scraping them off and cooking them with eggs.
  • Cooking leftover crusts with cinnamon, butter, and sugar to make a sweet dessert with them.

Source: Delish

Photo: Getty Images

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