VIDEO: Great White Shark Spotted Off The Coast of Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — "The great white shark came out of the mist."

Those words from diver Jim Cocci who had an up-close encounter with an apex predator off the coast of Palm Beach.

Cocci told CBS12 News he came to West Palm Beach to go diving.

The first dive near Mar-a-Lago went well. Cocci said a friend receive a notification about a great white being spotted at the reef near The Breakers. So, the group went to go check it out.

Twenty minutes into the dive in hazy water, Cocci said the marine biologist in front of him started yelling over the radio that he spotted the shark.

"Totally awesome," said Cocci when the shark emerged just feet away. Cocci had his camera rolling.

It appeared to be 15 to 20 feet long. "Looked as big as a box car," said Cocci.

"It's a big pregnant female," said Cocci, who followed the shark until he tired out. The shark eventually vanished into the deep blue sea.

Cocci called it an amazing experience for everyone in the group with Walker's Dive Charters.

Source: CBS12

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Jim Cocci