Gator Eating Snake Captured In Florida Wildlife Photos

Gator w Snake

Gator w Snake

A Florida couple were taking a walk through Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, FL when they came across this once in a lifetime photo op. Linda Waring, a seasoned wildlife photographer, and her husband heard a splash in the water and when they went to take a closer look, they found a gator with a snake in its mouth.

Waring immediately grabbed her camera and started shooting the fight between the snake and the alligator. Waring said after about 10 minutes, the snake lost the battle and the alligator had lunch.

"Once he started moving and opening his mouth, I just focused and clicked! I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but I didn’t want to miss anything," Waring said. "I definitely got more than I expected! It has been on my bucket list to get some good shots of a gator with his “catch”, so this was my first! It was definitely a once in a lifetime, right time, right place moment!"

Since the encounter, Waring's wildlife photos have gone viral! You can check them all out here.

Source: CBS 12, Photo: CBS 12

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