Florida Men Steal Claw Machines From Walmart

We know those claw machines are a rip off and you end up spending way more money than you should on a stupid stuffed animal, but is stealing the whole machine really the best way to feel like a winner?

Well for 3 Florida Men obviously it was! They called the assistant manager of a Walmart in Florida and said they were repairmen picking up the claw machine for maintenance. When they arrived at the store late at night, they were able to move the machine right out the door and load it into their pickup truck.

Now obviously they were caught on camera so the security footage got a good look at their faces and vehicle. Also since they are driving around with a giant machine in the back of the truck, you'd think they wouldn't be too hard to find, but alas they got away for now.

According to the company that services the claw machines, they have a total of $2,000 inside.

Source: News 4 Jax

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