Proposal To Ban Smoking On Beaches

Proposal To Ban Smoking On Beaches

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (CBS12) — A new way to make Florida beaches cleaner and more attractive.

That’s the thinking behind a proposed bill that would ban smoking on beaches across the state.

Senate Bill 218, has been filed by Republican Senator Joe Gruters from Sarasota.

It would make smoking tobacco on public beaches illegal.

If the bill passes, violators would get a $25 fine or 10 hours community service, just for lighting up a cigarette.

Gregg Burns of Lake Worth is a regular beachgoer. He says he doesn’t think too highly of the proposal.

“If you’re a responsible owner and do the right thing, like clean up after your dog, pick up your cans and your beverage containers,” says Burns, "then the same should be enforced for cigarettes and if you’re doing that you know, it’s America let’s keep it free.”

If the bill makes it to incoming Governor Ron DeSantis, the ban could go into effect July 1st.


Source: CBS12

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