Umbrella Mistaken For Gun Causes Panic At Florida Publix

An umbrella caused quite a disturbance at a Publix location on Merritt Island! The store had to be evacuated after thoughts of a rifle being brought in the store surfaced. 

The call to 911 reported that a man had entered the store with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Immediately after receiving the call, 10 deputies arrived on scene and calmly evacuated the store until the suspect could be tracked down. Thankfully, all they discovered was that the rifle was actually an umbrella and the store was able to return to business as usual.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office shared this good thought regarding the incident.

"The deputies were able to quickly identify the subject and conclude there was no threat. The customers and store employees were very cooperative in assisting, which helped the deputies on scene make this determination as easily as possible."


Source: Click Orlando

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