Thomas Rhett Just Quit Something He’s Been Doing Since His Teens

Thomas Rhett stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to premiere his new song “Beautiful As You,” revealed something he’s been doing since his teens that he just quit and more. 

Rhett’s new song “Beautiful As You” kicks off a new chapter on what he calls his favorite music yet. About a year ago, he was played the chorus of the song, and they had a writing camp booked in Chattanooga, so they went there and finished writing the song. Rhett explained that writing camps are where songwriters and artists pick a destination and for a few days they stay there and only focus on songwriting. It helps remove distractions from home so you can mainly focus on the creative. When he writes in Nashville, he feels the pressure to go home, but when he writes away, he can truly relax and get in the zone.  

These days, Rhett is only on social media sometimes. He took a break from it for a long time and goes back on occasionally now. He shared that his current obsession is collecting golf putters. He loves golf and feels like there are so many first and second edition Scotty Cameron putters that he wants. He does not use them, he just like to have them.  

Rhett has been dipping since he was teenager in football camp. He remembered one of the seniors had peach skull, so he tried it but hated it and it caused him to throw up through his facemask at 5am. He forced himself to continue doing it and ended up liking it but recently quit last June.  

A video of Rhett’s family spending Easter with Russell Dickerson’s family went viral when Rhett’s daughter, Lennon, was seen walking and holding hands with one of Dickerson’s sons. He shared he wouldn’t mind one of his kids dating Dickerson’s kids because he loves him and his family. Rhett is known as a good guy who has a “clean-cut” image. Ever since high school he’s always been that guy people thought would never do certain things, but he’s had his fair share of screw ups. Now that he’s a father he feels like he needs to set an example for his kids. He hates getting in trouble due to anxiety, but he does have a rebellious spirit to an extent.  

While in studio, Rhett was asked about the time he went duck hunting with Riley Green and wore the wrong camo. He walked into the blind wearing a SITKA outfit and everyone else was wearing Realtree. They made fun of him that the camo was not the same as there's or the right kind, for that type of hunting. He learned a lot from that moment and knew how to come better prepared next time.  

Rhett’s new song “Beautiful As You” is available now!

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