Luke Combs Expresses Gratitude For Wife, Son: 'Reasons Why I’m A Lucky Man'

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Luke Combs counted his blessings as he finally released his widely-requested anthem, “5 Leaf Clover,” just in time for St. Patrick’s Day on Friday (March 17).

“I know I’m a lucky man but I ain’t sure why I am,” Combs wrote in an Instagram caption, referencing the lyrics to the long-awaited song. He continued: “My wife, son, family, friends, and Y’ALL are some of the biggest reasons why I’m a lucky man. And I’ll be forever grateful to y’all for giving me the opportunity to get to do something I love - create and play country music. Thank you!”

Earlier this week, Combs shared the story behind “5 Leaf Clover,” remembering that the idea “wasn’t really anything that jumped off the page to me” at first, but it quickly turned into a fan-favorite when he started to perform it live. “5 Leaf Clover” is one of 18 tracks set to appear on Combs’ soon-to-release album, Gettin’ Old. the project serves as a follow-up to Growin’ Up, which Combs debuted in June, days after he and his wife welcomed their firstborn child.

This album is about the stage of life I’m in right now. One that I’m sure a lot of us are in, have been through, or will go through,” Combs previously said of his upcoming album. “It’s about coming of age, loving where life is now but at the same time missing how it used to be, continuing to fall for the one you love and loving them no matter what, living in the moment but still wondering how much time you have left, family, friends, being thankful, and leaving a legacy. Me and so many others have poured their hearts and souls into this record and I hope you love it as much as we do.”

Gettin’ Old is set to release on March 24, just in time for Combs to kick off his world tour. Listen to “5 Leaf Clover” here:

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