Thirteen-Year-Old Gets Birthday Wish When "Jason" Picks Him Up From School

Not sure this is the healthiest birthday gift to give a 13-year-old boy but it's certainly what the kid wanted. Sam Murphy wanted to surprise his son Carter, who has ADHD, with a special treat for his birthday. He asked Carter what he wanted and was told his one wish was to meet the legendary villain and serial slasher Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th."

Well, dad made it happen and Carter found “Jason” waiting for him outside the school gates and the pair walked home hand in hand. The school was a bit worried about "Jason" being on school grounds so they made him wait around the corner.

A local makeup artist took on the role and dressed himself up as the legendary horror villain. Carter hasn't stopped talking about it and his dad says that he's always been a horror fan and has even attended horror conventions as Jason Voorhees.

Photo: Getty Images

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