Girl Sends Selfie To Friends And Never Sees Spider In Her Hoodie

A girl decided to send her friends a hungover selfie after a night out. That selfie photo freaked out her friends and it's gone viral.

Olivia Nunn went out with her friends the night before and had one too many to drink so she wanted to share how she felt the next morning with her girlfriends. Only she freaked out her friends when they noticed that the hoodie she was wearing had a huge crawling spider inside it.

Her friends were shocked to see that Olivia had failed to notice the spider as she took the photo. One of her friends posted the crazy photo to Twitter and it has since gone viral. It gained over 47.7K likes and 3.7K retweets on social media. No word on if Olivia ever realized how close she was to that spider.

Photo: Getty Images

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