Barrels Of Homemade Alcohol Confiscated From A Jail

Looks like a number of inmates at a California jail were planning on throwing quite a Super Bowl party on Sunday. However, correctional officers ended up confiscated hundreds of gallons of homemade alcohol from the inmates just ahead of the game.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office said the "illegally made jailhouse alcohol" had been found during a search at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California on Saturday. Inmates there hid had hundreds of gallons of the booze in garbage cans and other hideaway spots.

While it is not uncommon for inmates to make homemade alcohol, it's usually not made in the quantity found here. The drink is usually made in prisons by fermenting fruit, sugar, water, and yeast from bread for a number of days in a sealed plastic bag.

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Photo: Getty Images

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