Woman Donates More Than 45,000 Lipsticks To Shelters

While volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in Florida,Sheryl Kurland bonded with the women there. She got to know them and wanted to help them find their inner beauty and strength they had lost, and she was reminded of something her mom used to tell her: “If you want to feel better, go put on a little lipstick.”

So Kurland went out, bought a bunch of lipsticks and started bringing them with her to the shelters. She says the women lit up when they put it on and it inspired her to do more. She founded Find Your Fabulosity and so far, the organization has donated more than 45,000 lipsticks to victims of domestic violence at over 200 shelters. She says for women who wear lipstick, it gives them “a boost of confidence” and “a sense of empowerment.”



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