Woman Texts Dead Brother, Gets Surprising Response

A woman who texted her brother six months after he died was surprised to get a response. She had been texting him since his death to say she missed him, but when his number was finally given to someone else, the messages led to a heartwarming interaction.

The sister sent a message to her brother’s old number saying: I just MISS YOU so much.” And she got back a message explaining she had the wrong number that also said, “I’m sorry to hear you’re missing someone.” That led to an exchange and it turns out, the woman who now has the number is losing her cousin who’s like a sister to her, who is expected to pass away soon. She told the sister to “feel free to share anything about her brother, adding, “I know we don’t know each other, but don’t mind being a sounding board.”

The grieving sister thanked her and calls her new friend a “good human” and told her not to hesitate reaching out to her in the future as well. She says she was initially afraid to open the text from her brother’s old number, but says the shared texts made her “love humans even more.”

Source: Unilad


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