Brave Grocery Store Bagger Stops Attempted Purse Snatching

Juwone Scott Jr. was working at Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy in Shreveport, Louisiana and had just finished bagging a customer’s groceries when a man snatched her purse and ran. The 26-year-old chased the alleged thief down and managed to get Crystal Cray’s purse back for her, although he also got some minor injuries when he was punched and kicked by the culprit.

Scott’s mom,Satara Scott says her son, who has autism, is a Special Olympics athlete and can lift 700-pounds. She credits the skills he learned as a weightlifter for him being able to confront the purse snatcher. TheShreveport Police Department Tactical Robbery Unit even gave him a new pair of running shoes to thank him for his good deed.

"Juwone is a real hero!" Cray wrote on her Facebook page. "I’m so very blessed by this awesome guy and so is the community!"




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