Pizza For Breakfasts? A Lot Of Americans Say Yes!

While most people can agree that pizza is the perfect late night snack, it seems a lot of folks wouldn’t mind a good slice in the morning as well.

In case you missed it, a new survey by pizza-ordering app Slice finds that 53% of Americans would rather eat a slice of pizza for breakfast than more traditional breakfast fare, like eggs, cereal, etc, and 50% would rather have cold pizza. Yum!

And when it comes to pizza preferences, the survey finds most folks prefer wood- or coal-fired Neapolitan pizza to regular old New York-style pizza, which is cooked in a gas oven. As for toppings, the jury is still out on pineapple, with 54% of Americans against it on pizza.

And while pizza with pineapple may be called a Hawaiian pizza, the poll finds folks in Hawaii weren’t exactly into it, while those in Oregon, Maine, California and Nevada are the most likely to enjoy some of the fruit on their pie.

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