Wedding Memories Lost Then Found Nine Years Later At Thrift Store

Michelle de Mercado was shopping for a new lunch bag for work and found it at a thrift store in Sacramento, California. But when she brought it home and looked inside, she found a thumb drive. Curious about what was on it, she checked it out and discovered a couple’s wedding photos.

Knowing she had to get the pictures back to their owner, Mercado posted the photos on Facebook and asked for help tracking down the couple. After just 54 shares, she was able to connect the dots and find the bride, Jessica Black. She and her husband now live in Texas, but they tied the knot in Sacramento back in 2010 and she still has family there. No one’s sure exactly how the thumb drive ended up in that thrift store, but Mercado returned it to Black and the act of kindness was made possible thanks to social media.

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