How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Wine

Some people only drink wine to toast a special occasion, others open a bottle just because it’s Tuesday. But no matter what your reason for drinking wine, you’ve probably wondered how many calories are in your glass of vino. Although the calorie count for a standard five-ounce serving of wine varies slightly from red to white and from brand to brand, they all contain a similar amount of calories. Here are the calorie breakdowns for some of the most popular varieties of wine.

How many calories are in a glass of…

Rosé - Calorie counts vary from brand to brand, but in general, a glass of the pink stuff will have about 126 calories.

Chardonnay - White wines are lower in calories and a glass of Chardonnay has around 123 calories.

Riesling - This is one of the lightest wines on the list and a glass of Riesling only has about 118 calories.

Pinot Grigio - It’s known for its light, fruity flavor and a glass only has 122 calories.

Sauvignon Blanc - If you’re more of a fan of this crisp, dry white, you’ll be pleased to know it’s lower in calories than a lot of wines with just 119 calories per glass.

Red wine drinkers, how many calories are in a glass of...

Cabernet Sauvignon - This popular red has only 122 calories per glass.

Pinot Noir - Sip on a glass of this smooth red wine with about 121 calories a glass and you get the added benefit of resveratrol, a polyphenol that's good for the heart.

Merlot - A glass of this red has around 122 calories, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

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