Dad Giving Away Backyard Roller Coaster He Built

A father in California built a one-of-a-kind homemade roller coaster for his backyard and now he’s giving it away for free. Bruce Sales, an engineer, designed and built the ride for his San Diego yard, but now he’s moving and can’t take it to his new home, so he wants it to go to someone who’ll enjoy it.

The single “car” coaster can fit one rider at a time, kids can strap into the car seat to be secured and adults can ride, too, but they have to brave it seat-free and sit on a piece of wood. Sales doesn’t want to have to take it apart and toss the parts, so he’s hoping to find someone who will give the coaster a good home. He’s getting offers from all over the country, but doesn’t think it’s feasible for someone outside California to take it.

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