Dad Finds Daughter's Doll In Tornado Rubble

A tornado tore through Harrison Township, Michigan on Memorial Day, leaving severe damage and destruction in its path. Timothy Walker’s family home was actually swept off its foundation, but that didn’t keep the father of two from going back after the storm to look for a very important item: his daughter’s favorite doll.

Walker climbed through the damage and made it upstairs to what was left of his daughter Storm’s old bedroom. He says he had to dig through a lot of plaster where the roof had fallen in, but he found her doll and brought her back to the delighted little girl.

“The two kids have been through so much,” Walker explains. “They were in the house with my wife the night of the storm and that doll became a symbol for me of just trying to do what I could to help them recover.

Tornado in field, Minnesota, USA

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