Keith Whitley Passed Away 30 Years Ago Today

I remember it like it was yesterday. My dad had picked me up from Okeechobee Jr. High and on the way home, I noticed a couple of Keith Whitley songs on the radio back-to-back. I thought something was up right away... either the dj made a mistake or something bad had happened. Sadly, it was the latter. The dj came on after the second song and said something like, "so as we've mentioning, Keith Whitley has passed away."

His music was incredible, but that voice was something beyond incredible. It stood out. When he sang, YOU KNEW it we Keith Whitley singing.

Enjoy this video of classic Keith pictures along with one of his finest songs... "Kentucky Bluebird."

And check out this old video from Lorrie Morgan. This must have been recorded within a year of Keith's passing and it's Lorrie doing his classic "Don't Close Your Eyes." Chills!

While it's a bit grainy, watch this performance from the Grand Ol' Opry in 1989. It was Keith's final appearance on the legendary stage.

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