Stranger Treats Prom-goers To Dinner If They Put Phones Away

A group of teens heading to prom were sitting down to dinner when they got a surprising request from their server. The 11 friends from Fortuna High School in California listened as their waiter at Double D Steak restaurant told them a man wanted to pay for their dinner. The only catch? They had to stay off their phones.

So the teens agreed and the server took their phones and devices away during their dinner. Kim Emmons, says her daughter McKenzie feels the experience was actually better without their phones distracting them. They had good conversations and made memories of that special night instead, all thanks to this anonymous diner’s request. At the end of the dinner, an older gentleman came by their table and told them “he thought they were a beautiful group who reminded him of when he was young,” and that’s why he bought their dinner. They still have no idea who the generous stranger was.

“Thank you to the gentleman that not only paid for their dinner,” Emmons writes in a Facebook post, “but taught them that you can have a really good time without technology.”

Source: Redheaded Blackbelt

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