Jogger Rescues Boy Who Fell Through Ice

Some joggers in Rome, New York were in the right place at the right time when a kid fell through the ice on New York State Barge Canal and one of them was able to rescue him. Josh Hardesty, a former lifeguard, saw that 14-year-old Brandon Blanchard was in trouble and couldn’t get himself back up on the ice, so he got in to save him.

Josh, 30, says the teen was about 20 yards out and he couldn’t reach him because thick ice was blocking the path, but his buddy threw him a stick to help. Brandon said he couldn’t grab it because he couldn’t feel his hands, but Josh told him to “muster all his strength” and once he did, he pulled him out.

Soon after he was out of the icy canal, fire and rescue personnel arrived and got Brandon to the hospital. His mom, Jean Blanchard, says aside from being shaken up and extremely cold, Brandon was fine, was released from the hospital and went to school the next day. The family has arranged to meet up with Josh to thank the man she says is their “hero sent from heaven.”

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