How Disney World Keeps Bathroom Lines Short

Whether you’re a Disney fanatic or someone who just doesn’t get what all the hype is about, you probably agree that Disney does things well. They don’t skimp on details at their theme parks and do their best to keep things as magical as possible for guests. And one place this is really noticeable is in the lack of a long line to use the women’s restroom.

Anyone who’s ever had to use the ladies room at a crowded event or place packed with people knows that the line is typically long and you almost always have to wait what seems like forever when you really have to go. But not at Disney World. Despite the crowds, the bathroom lines are pretty short around the park and there’s one simple detail in those restrooms that makes that happen - no bathroom sink mirrors.

Most of Disney’s women’s restrooms don’t have mirrors along the wall of sinks and that keeps the flow of traffic moving. We’re not stopping to fix our hair or our sweaty makeup there, so other women can get their hands washed sooner and everyone gets out of the bathroom sooner, keeping the line short. There is usually still a mirror in the restroom, near the entrance, so you can check yourself out, but by moving it away from the sink area, we get nearly line-free bathrooms.

Source:Apartment Therapy


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