Donut Shop Seeks Men To Deliver Valentine Goodies In Undies

Hurts Donut shop in Arizona is looking for a few good men. They’re running a Valentine’s Day promo, offering doughnut delivery from a diapered, dancing Cupid and it seems demand is so high, they need to hire a couple extra Cupids.

In a video posted to their Facebook page advertising for the gig, a large, hairy, tattooed man wearing enormous pink sunglasses, white angel wings, cowboy boots and a diaper boogies into an office holding a box of doughnuts and gets down with some sweet moves before handing the baked goods over to a blushing man.

And really, the only thing better than getting a dozen doughnuts delivered to you at work for Valentine’s Day is having Cupid bring them. If you or someone you know can toss rose petals and dance while spreading love and the love of doughnuts, they’ll pay you $24 an hour plus tips, and you know there will be tips for a delivery like this.

Source: Fox News

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