Dunkin’s Girl Scout Cookie Coffee Is Coming Back

While we still have to wait for the start of Girl Scout Cookie season, Dunkin’ is bringing the flavors of the famous cookies to their coffee this month. At the end of December, Dunkin will be serving up Girl Scout Cookie-inspired coffees once again.

Like what? Coconut Caramel and Thin Mints coffees are making a comeback this year, along with a new flavor: Trefoils Shortbread. They say it “brings the sweet and buttery flavor of the traditional shortbread cookie to Dunkin’ coffee.”

And on weekends in February, you’ll be able to get donuts and Girl Scout cookies at select Dunkin’ locations. Some locations will be welcoming Girl Scout troops to sell cookies at their restaurants, so you could get boxes of your favorite cookies and the coffee flavor to go with it.

dunkin donuts iced coffee

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