First Thing People Would Do If They Won The Lottery

The country is going lottery crazy thanks to a $1.6-billion Mega Millions jackpot up for grabs, and we bet there are plenty of people out there already thinking about what they would do with the money if they won. But, according to a new survey, the one thing most Americans would do if they won may actually surprise you.

A poll by TD Ameritrade finds that the thing most people would do if they won the lottery is share it with other people (33%), followed by saving and investing in the future (21%). And while you’d think most people’s first move would be to quit their job, only 9% of people said that’s what they’d run and do (liars)

Of course, not every generation has the same thoughts. When it comes to Millennials, save and invest in the future and get out of debt is the top thing they’d do, and then they’d quit their job. They are also more likely to keep the money for themselves, with sharing with others ranking sixth.

And while previous research suggests that money won’t necessarily buy you happiness, folks don’t necessarily see it that way. In fact, 80% of people in the poll believe that winning the lottery would improve their lives.

Source: Moneyish


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