EMTs Help Hospice Patient See A Lighthouse For First Time


Hospice patient Laura Mullins has miniature lighthouses and photos of them all over her room, but the Ohio native had never fulfilled her dream of seeing one in real life. The 55-year-old woman is currently residing in Massachusetts and asked her hospice nurse, Beverly Bellegarde, for help granting her one of her final requests: to visit a lighthouse.

Bellegarde was happy to do it and contacted Brewster Ambulance Service to transport Mullins to a lighthouse. EMTs Brain Costa and Era Koroveshi drove Mullins, her nurse, and her chaplain for over an hour to the Scituate Lighthouse in the Massachusetts town of the same name. They rolled Mullins out so close in her bed that she could reach out to touch the building with her hands.

Jonathan Bobbit-Miller, with public relations for Brewster Ambulance Service was along for the ride and says Mullins said she could hear the waves and that her face was glowing, adding, “She sat up and said, ‘My dream has come true.’”

Source: CBS News



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