Dunkin Donuts New Fall Menu Is Coming Soon

Dunkin Donuts

The leaves aren’t changing colors yet and it’s not even football season, but some folks just can’t wait to get their pumpkin spice fix. And they’ll be happy to know that all the fall-flavored coffees and goodies are coming soon. Dunkin Donuts has announced their autumn menu will be available at stores across the country no later than August 27th, but some customers report the items have already landed at their local DD.

Starbucks fans who are holding out for a Pumpkin Spice Latte will have to wait until August 28th to get one, a day after Dunkin’s fall-themed releases. “When we’re creating seasonal flavors, timing is key,” a Dunkin Donuts spokesperson explains. “We don’t want to be too late, but we don’t want to be too early either.”

So what’s on the autumn menu at DD? Returning favorites like pumpkin and maple pecan-flavored coffees, the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, and the Festive Fall Donut with red icing, topped with chocolate and orange sprinkles. And new treats like the Apple Crisp Doughnut, which has apple filling, caramel icing and oats on top. We’ll take a dozen.



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