Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Makes Just $126.00

After being hit with a series of sexual assault allegations, Kevin Spacey definitely isn’t making his comeback with his latest film release. It’s breaking records, just not the good kind.

“Billionaire Boys Club,” the last film he made before the wave of allegations going back as much as 30 years hit, made a quiet debut last month via Video On Demand and opened in just 10 movie theaters across the United States over the weekend. It reportedly earned a record-breaking low of $126 for its opening weekend. To put that in perspective, that’s just 13 tickets.

The film’s distributor, Vertical Entertainment, announced back in June they intended to do a limited release regardless of its questionable fate due to the allegations. But it looks like the film’s other stars including “Baby Driver’s” Ansel Elgort, “Kingsman’s” Taron Egerton, and Emma Roberts apparently couldn’t save it from the low numbers.



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