Woman Uses Social Media To Track Down Owner Of Found Ring

While on vacation to celebrate her wedding anniversary in Siesta Key, Florida, Suzanne Rogers found a ring on the beach that was issued by the Marine Corps. Knowing it was probably important to someone, she got to work trying to find the owner.

Using the inscription inside the ring, Rogers posted about the lost treasure on Facebook and her search for the owner went viral. Local news covered the story and she got lots of replies, including one from Jaime Andrade, who ended up being the owner of the ring. Rogers did her research to make sure it really belonged to him and when she corroborated his story, they met up and she returned his Marine Corps ring.

"I knew that it was important to somebody and I know the power of social media,” Rogers says. “I knew that I would eventually find him, I didn't think it would be when I was still on vacation.”

Source: CBS News

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