French Mayor Bans Mosquitoes From Entering Village

Don’t you just hate mosquitoes? The village of Briollay, France has been infested with mosquitoes ever since they suffered a bout of flooding last month. The problem became so bad that Mayor of Briollay Andre Marchand decided to make things decreeing a ban on mosquitoes from entering the village.

Mayor Marchand says he previously installed traps around the village, as well as providing villagers with traps to install on their property, but to no avail. He notes, “I was being stopped and questioned by so many inhabitants of Briollay that a [lawyer]  told me to take out the decree against mosquitoes.” 

Not to worry, however. The mayor hasn't totally lost the plot. His decree is actually a joke. Marchand says he made it to let the villagers know that there wasn’t much he could do about the problem.

Source: Money Control

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