Airlines Offer Amazing Amenities To First Class Folks

Anyone who’s had to walk through a First Class cabin to get to their cramped in seat in economy class likely has had major envy, and there’s good reason for it. True those first class passengers have probably shelled out a huge amount of dough for their seat, but they are getting a lot more than a few extra inches of booty and legroom for their dollar.

Lots of airlines, especially overseas carriers, offer some major perks for their First Class travelers, including high-tech entertainment systems and in-flight chefs, but that’s not all. Many offer luxury products that travelers are bound to want to slip into their carry on and walk off the plane with.

Expensive designer items offered in First Class include: 

  • Cathay Pacific offers a First Class amenity kit with Aesop products, which can run from $35 to $100 each.
  • United Airlines offers Saks Fifth Avenue luxury bedding on their international business class flights. They have even started selling them.
  • Delta offers First Class customers Westin Hotels & Resorts branded “Heavenly” bedding.
  • Delta also offers luxury amenity kits from Tumi, filled with Kiehl’s products.
  • British Air’s Club World Class comes with luxury bedding and amenity kits from The White Company.
  • Air France’s La Premiere flyers get Givenchy pajamas and amenity kits on long haul flights.
  • Singapore Airlines offers amenity kits with Ferragamo products, with items in the kit worth about $50 each.

Now, if I could only win the LOTTERY!!

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