Build-A-Bear's Pay Your Age Day So Good It Backfired

A lot of parents and children were thrilled when Build-A-Bear announced their Pay Your Age promotion, but it was too good to be true. Somehow, the stuffed toy company didn’t think that people would flock to the store, or even camp out and wait. And that’s where the plan went wrong.


Even before the stores opened, Build-A-Bear was informed of the safety risks by some law enforcement officials. And by 11:30 am the company tweeted they would have to limit the number of people able to take advantage of the promotion. And then, they shut things down.


Social media has not been kind in response. One person noted “Not being able to supply the demand on pay-your-age day is bad. making kids have to attend and being turned away at the door is disgusting.” That was the kindest comment. People who were turned away received a 15 dollar voucher. Meanwhile many moms have crying kids to contend with. We feel for them.

The Build-A-Bear CEO went on the Today Show with an official apology.

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