Squirrel Caught On Video Eating From A Condom

The world has captured a lot of extremely weird moments on video, but this squirrel eating from a condom takes the cake! Emily Cole was in a local park with the children she nannies for when they spotted this squirrel having a snack. 

One of the children yells out, "It looks like a balloon! Is there stuff inside it?" Emily decided that maybe she was not the right person nor was it the right time to teach the children what they were actually witnessing. 

“I really hope one day when they’re older and wiser, their parents will tell them what it actually was they were witnessing here.” 

But for right now, the children are just going to go on thinking it was a balloon. You can watch the full video of the squirrel munchin' away below. 

What's the most bizarre thing you've seen? 

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