Chris Lane Open To Being On The Bachelor

Ladies, how would you feel if country music heartthrob Chris Lane were to be the next bachelor? The single singer/songwriter said although he hasn't received an offer from the ABC shows' producers yet that doesn't mean he wouldn't be open to it. 

Although, Chris did share that he'd prefer to be the only guy on The Bachelor rather than one of the many guys on The Bachelorette. In an interview with Taste of Country, he said 

"Providing I have enough time to do it, I would. I wanna be the guy that gets to choose between all the girls".

Chris Lane - South Florida Fair

We can tell you one thing though, whether on the show or not, the show definitely has Chris Lane hooked. He's been watching this season of The Bachelorette religiously. 

"This season has made me laugh really, really hard. The guy who calls himself the male model ... he has me rolling, dude. The reason it's funny is because you are embarrassed for him and the fact that he's saying all this stuff and he’s real about it."

Despite all the high points in Chris Lane's life, he says that special someone is the one thing missing. For now though, he's just enjoying things with his career and waiting it out for the right one to come along.

Chris Lane's second album, "Laps Around The Sun" comes out this Friday featuring 14-new songs including this one here. 

Source: Taste of Country

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