Guy Riding On Hood On I-95 At 70 MPH!

Someone not only pulled a stunt and lived (as far as we know) but also got away with it. In case you don’t know, I-95 in Florida is a heavily traveled and dangerous highway. So when people cruising down the road saw a Mercedes with a guy hanging on the hood going 70 mph, their jaws dropped…and cameras rolled.

A woman was behind the wheel on the C-300 and talking on the phone. So was the man on the hood. Maybe to each other? The hood hanger was looking around and didn’t seem to be stressed about his situation; he just kept chatting on the cell.

The crazy part is despite 911 being called by a few people, the police never caught up to the couple. But, they say if the pair can be identified there will be a few charges coming their way.



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