5 Tricks To Avoid Getting Sea Lice This Summer

If you have lived in Florida for some time now, then you are probably already familiar with the itchy and irritating rash that comes with getting "sea lice". Sea lice, although not actually lice, comes from larvae stings caused by the larvae from jellyfish or other sea anemones. When the rash develops it tends to form bumps and can be easily mistaken with another rash. However, unlike other rashes such as the common Poison Ivy, there really is no way to avoid coming in contact with Sea Lice. 

Have no fear though! You can still enjoy the ocean this Summer by taking these precautionary measures to prevent "sea lice". 

1. Always Check Lifeguard Postings Before Swimming 

(Do Not Swim When "Sea Lice" Is Present)

2. Avoid Wearing T-Shirts In The Ocean

3. Wear Sunscreen. It May Reduce Contact With Larvae

4. Shower ASAP After Swimming In The Ocean. Be Sure To Remove Bathing Suit. 

5. Clean Bathing Suit With Detergent and Heated Drying After Use.


Source: ABC Action News 


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