What Is America’s Favorite Drink?

A lot of people likely had one too many drinks at their Super Bowl party last night, and judging by a new survey it seems most of those people were probably drinking some brewskis.  A new Harris Poll finds that about 38% of regular drinkers say beer is their top choice when it comes to booze, followed by wine (31%) and then spirits/liquor (28%). 

Not surprisingly, beer is the top choice among men (55%), folks in the South (43%) and younger generations (21-34, 41%; 35-44, 44%; 45-54, 42%). Meanwhile, wine is top choice for women (46%), those over 65 (42%), and those with high incomes (37% with household incomes of $100K).

And when it comes to specific preferences, domestic, non-craft beer seems to be preferred the most (38%), followed by craft beer (29%) and imported beer (23%). Wine drinkers prefer red (38%) slightly over white (32%), followed by rose or blush (19%) and sparkling wine/champagne (10%). When it comes to liquor, vodka (29%) is the most popular, followed by whiskey (26%), rum (16%), tequila (8%) and cognac (7%).


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