Flyers blaming Jewish people for pandemic found in several Florida cities

Police in several South Florida cities are investigating the distribution of anti-Semitic flyers that were found in residential neighborhoods and outside of religious buildings on Sunday.

Miami Beach and Surfside Police confirmed flyers were found inside clear plastic bags filled with rocks, which implied Jewish people are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents say the flyers have them concerned for their safety, with an unidentified resident telling WSVN "we’re afraid now that something bad could happen to us, as Jews living in Miami Beach."

Another resident said "the message is just very frightening."

Neighbors notified authorities after waking up to find the bags in their front yards on Sunday.

A resident read the contents of the flyers to WSVN, stating “the front [of the flyer] is labeled, ‘Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish and then goes through the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] director, deputy, medical officer, all the different people that are involved with COVID, and puts the word ‘Jewish’ next to them.”

The bottom of the flyers states "these flyers were distributed randomly and without malicious intent."

But residents say what’s written on the back of the flyers is even worse, with one resident telling WSVN "one of the things they say is to ‘sacrifice people, including Jews, sometimes when necessary. I mean, that is, to me, that’s hate speech.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber confirmed police are increasing patrols in the area.

Miami Beach Police said in a Tweet "there is no place for hate in our community, and it will not be tolerated."

Anyone with information regarding the flyers are asked to call Miami Beach Police at 305-673-7901 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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