Homecoming Queen Gives Crown To Friend Who Just Lost Mom To Cancer

Empty football stadium.

Photo: Getty Images

An act of kindness at a high school homecoming moved the crowd to tears. Brittany Walters’ mom passed away from cancer on the day of the homecoming game, but the senior promised her mom she would still go because she was nominated for queen. She wasn’t voted queen that night at Mississippi's Forrest County Agricultural High School, but she still won.

Nyla Covington was crowned homecoming queen at the football game, but after asking school officials for permission, she passed the crown to her grieving friend. The new queen walked over to Brittany, who was standing on the field beside her father, and put the crown on her. It wasn’t preplanned, it was just something she felt moved to do in the moment.

“It was really just to bring up her day a little bit,” Nyla explains. “And she’d rather have her mom than a crown, but the point was, I was telling her that she was her mom’s queen and I was just letting her know that she was loved by many and especially me.”

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