Mom's Request To Not Have Son's Name On Photo Goes Viral

Brittany Kinley had an epic “mom fail” moment with her son’s school pictures.

She’s shared her story on Facebook about learning the hard way how important it is to fill out all forms for school correctly. In doing so, she also gave us the chuckle we needed.

It seems there was a mix-up with the order form for her five-year-old son's school pictures. It offered the option to have the child’s name printed on the photo, but Brittany really didn't like the idea of text on the picture. She only wanted Mason’s photo, no text. But the form wouldn’t allow her to leave that space blank, so she wrote, “I DON’T WANT THIS” - of course meaning she didn’t want the name on the photo.

But that’s not what she got… When Brittany got the photos back, she had 30 copies of a photo of her son with “I DON’T WANT THIS” printed on them.

She posted the story on Facebook, writing, “I’m sure everyone needs a good laugh these days … you’re welcome in advance.”

Photo: Getty Images