Man Gets Live Fish Caught In His Throat, Hilarity (And Surgery) Ensues

Over in Egypt, a fisherman nearly died after one of his catches got stuck in his windpipe, making it almost impossible for him to breathe. Doctors found the fish stuck at the entrance to the trachea, leaving just enough space for a little air to get through and prevent the man from suffocating before even reaching the hospital.

They were able to remove the fish using endoscopic surgery and the slippery thing was still alive! They said if the poor man had been brought in only a few minutes later, he would have suffocated.

So how does this even happen? Glad you asked! The 40-year-old patient told doctors that he had just caught a small fish when he noticed that the line of another fishing rod was pulling. Desperate to not let his second catch getaway, he quickly put the first fish in his mouth so he could free up his hands. And you can guess what happened next. The live, slippery fish managed to wiggle its way out of the man's bite and got stuck in his throat.

Photo: Getty Images

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